Officina Italica is a project born in 2010 from the encounter of three professionals with different origins and different professional backgrounds, but with a common desire: to start an ideal voyage throughout Italy in order to create an unforgettable product.

This voyage begins at the University of Ferrara, the place where the three co-founders met for the first time for a Master in Cosmetic Science and Technology. Ferrara is renowned for his cosmetics tradition and it’s the Italian leading city as regards cosmetics. The three followed the Master succesfully and trained their skill with proficiency, they improved their ability and decided to start this project.
Once the University career is over, the three visited the most characteristic places of Italy. These experience encouraged them to tell all those feelings through the creation of technologically advanced cosmetics which evokes the Italian spirit. The stage of research and development began with the clear purpose to mix tradition and the most advanced cosmetic technology, trying to create a connection between the products and the places of origin of the three collaborators. There has always been a constant confrontation of ideas which, month after month, transformed the individual experience in common knowledge.

So the pragmatism of Trentino, the elegance of Tuscany and the creativity of Campania mixes togheter and creates a unique alchemy which is Officina Italica, a brand which to us means a lifestyle, an alternative way of thinking, a mix of innovation and tradition. Officina Italica offers to its customers the opportunity to have a sensorial experience of the natural beauty of Italy while they take care of their psychophysical wellness