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In order to guarantee a good skin tollerance, Officina Italica makes patch tests on each products. This kind of test is not compulsory for law, but it is a demonstration of the will of Officina Italica to guarantee the no irritability of ita products. The tests are made at the university of Ferrara. The tests are made on a pool of at least 20 volunteers. The products are applied on volunteers with patches for 24 hours in a purposely exaggerated quantity compared to the normal use. At the end of the test the condition of the skin is observed and any kind of side effects are signalled. The mark “dermatologically tested formula” is put on our products only after such strict experimentation and clinical tests.

In order to check the microbiological stability of the product in time and so to guarantee the toxicologic safety, Officina Italica does on each of its products the challenge test and microbial count. These tests are compulsory and Officina Italica checks its products at the University of Ferrara.

Challenge test consist in contaminate the product with patogen microorganism of different kind (gram +, gram -, yeasts and mildews) and then evaluate the variation of number of bacteria through a count of the living colony of germs at regular intarvals of time for 28 days. The defense power of the product from bacteria aggression is verifies after the observation of the reduction of bacteria (fo each kind) in a determinate period of time, according to the criteria set by the competent authorities.

In order to test the duration of the products of Officina Italica, they have to pass strict chemical and physical tests (thermic stress, accellerated ageing, centrifuge, pH analysis, reology analysis, visual observation). These tests give a sure guarantee of the stability of the product in time if treated correctly. The variables which can alter the chemical/physical stability of a product in the long time are numerous, but the cosmetic industry receives rarely complains about alteration of this kind and in most cases they are due to improper use or an incorrect preservation. This is a proof that in this sector the standards are high.

Nickel tested indicates the control of the presence of Nickel inside a product. There are no cosmetics without nickel, but only products with a low concentration of it. These low concentration are not enough to cause allergic reaction.

There are no cases of allergy to nickel if the concentration of it is below 0,0001%, also idicated as 1ppm (part per million). Officina Italica choose scrupulously the ingredients to use and check its products in order to guarantee that the nickel concentration is below the limit admitted by the law, so that the customers can have a safe product. The products of Officina Italica are regularly nickel tested and show levels largely below 1ppm.