Extralifting eye contour bags/dark circle/wrinkle

Taraxacum officinalis and caffein work to drenate the interstitial liquids, and a polysaccharides system stretches the eye wrinkle. The pimgments are able to correct and reveal a smooth and illuminated skin. VENETO is very rich in Taraxacum Officinalis, in the past centuries the tales gives to this flower too many surnames like “lion’s tooth” . Also the greece mythology assigned to Taraxacum great purifing and strengthener properties. This plant is very important for the cosmetics formulations due to his draining action against the interstitial liquids of the skin that afford to relax the eye contour.
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Laguna, Extralifting eye contour bags/dark circle/wrinkle

Is a technologically advanced emulsion, to solve the most evident eye contour imperfections. This cream has a synergic action against the wrinkle and the interstitial liquids congestion around the eyes. It works for every kind of skin due to his velvety sensorial profile.



Distinguishing Actives

TARAXACUM OFFICINALIS ROOT EXTRACT ( origin:Italy) is a plant with very decongestant, soothing and draining propetries.

CYCLOLIFTING SYSTEM 8%: is a special biotech polysaccharides system , with stretching and relaxing properties.

EFFECT PIGMENTS SOFT FOCUS: microelements that reflects the light. Their dimension and physical conformation show illuminating and smooth effects.

CAFFEIN CYCLOSYSTEM: is microincapsulated caffein in polysccharides rings from biotech origin. It has very high draining activity.

HYALURONIC ACID: a molecule able to absorb and maintain the water determining a very important mousturizing and swelling effect to the skin.

Test sensoriali

The skin of eye contour is very sensible and thin, so to prevent any kind of reaction, Officina Italica’s laboratory avoid to put any par
fums in this product.

Sensorial evaluation made on 20 female volunteers aged between 20 and 50.

Sensorial test show that this emulsion has a very good spreadability, freshness and smooth action, and excellent emollient and illuminating effects.