Our Made in Italy

For us Made in Italy means something more than just explain an origin brand, it’s a commitment of professionalism and full transparency towards our customers.

Made in Italy is not a simple motto for us, but means belonging to something deep, to which we are strongly connected and from which our idea of cosmetics and our formulative philosophy originate.

The refinement of cosmetic technology exploited to create our formulas comes from the fruits, the plants and the water symbols of Italy’s territorial excellence.

We love to describe ourselves a “strong” Made in Italy, because we want every single step of our production line will be made in Italy under our control. Our products are designed, developed and realized from the beginning to the end in Italy and every single ingredient has been choosen and found on the Italian territory.

The Campania’s tomatoes, the Tuscany’s olive oil, Calabria’s chili pepper and Sicily’s oranges are just some examples of what our land can offer and make us famous all over the world.

Officina Italica gives a simple message: we choose the best for you.