Formulative philosophy


The skin is our natural barrier against external agents. In order to work well it’s fundamental that it will keep the correct ratio of hydration. Our formulas focus highly on hydration, thanks to emollients able to strengthen the skin surface and prevent the loss of water through the skin, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, elements which can bind water molecules


The choice of emollients able to higly improve the smoothness of the skin allows to our formulas to reach high sensorial performances during the application. The right balance between low-spreading oils and high-spreading oils create a perfect sensorial mix which makes the skin smooth but not greasy. After the application, the skin becomes a smooth surface that the hand can caress gently.


According to our researches, “make it brighter” does not mean “make it whiter”, but means choosing natural ingredients, such as arbutin and arctostaphylos uva-ursi, which helps the skin cells to diminish the skin colour alteration caused by hyper-pigmentation, a proble of the skin which comes with ageing. For this reason we choose active ingredients which exfoliate lightly the cells of the outer layer favouring a regular regeneration of the skin.


We believe that an anti-age product must work with two targets: contrast the first signs of ageing and at the same time prevent its outbreak. According to this reasoning, all our formulas are rich in lipidic and sugary molecules, able to reintegrate the damaged molecules of the hydrolipidic layer and macromolecule, such as hyaluronic acid, which boost the long lasting hydration. Thanks to the swelling of those macromolecules, the skin is more toned and relaxed. We also added protein derivates able to help the collagen synthesis, a fundamental molecule for the skin structure.


To cleanse means for us removing impurities from the skin without hurting the hydrolipidic layer. In order to reach this goal, we decided to use delicate and mild detergents extracted from coconut oil and rice starch, able to clean without damaging the skin structure. Thanks to its formula, similar to the one of the skin’s macromolecules, our products are able to clean the skin without dehydrating it. The gentleness of our products is a perfect mix of foaming power and cleaning power.


We decided to set ourselves a goal: to exploit cosmetic technology in order to make our customers feel well. For this reason we put the highest commitment in choosing every single molecule we put in our products. All the oil selected have been accurately balanced in order to obtain a perfect mix between diffusibility and emollient capacity. The result is a high emollient power which makes the skin smooth and silk-like without leaving it oily.


Nourishing means reintegrate the missing substances to the hydrolipidic structure without adding unnecessary molecules which would make the skin heavier. According to this principle, we choose for each formula, different lipidic complexes which are compatible with the structural phisiology of the skin. The result after the application is a perfect skin, intact and revitalised.