‘O Piennolo

Pluriactive antiage visage cream for daily care

Campania - Slopes of Vesuvius jar 50ml

O’PIENNOLO is a versatile emulsion indicated to remousturize the skin thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid and suited to be used as make-up base, thanks to the mix of high soothing oils with low residuals. Its name comes from the typical tomatoes, tied and preserved like a grape in form of a pendulum (piennolo). The tomato symbolizes this region. Through the centuries this plant has been exploited for its characteristics. It is a source of functional cosmetic ingredients like lycopene, a natural anti-oxydant able to protect the skin from ageing. The youth of the skin is guaranteed moreover by the presence of UVA and UVB filters which protect the skin by ageing induced by sunlight.

Campania is the region of the tomato. Present among the ingredients of pizza and pasta, the tomato has been important for centuries adapting itself to the technological innovation thanks to its components. The most important ingredients for cosmetics is lycopene. We focused our attention on this molecule, on hyaluronic acid and on vitamin complexes contained in the tomato which contrast effectively the process of skin ageing.

Ideal for all the area of the visage, apply at least once or twice a day, better if in the morning (it is particularly suited for daily care). Massage gently until it is completely absorbed by the skin. We suggest to use it in combination with Ampomola, our cleansing milk, in order to be applied on clean skin.

TOMATO EXTRACT (origin:italy): rich in carotenoids, which give the colour to the fruit, it has a high anti-oxydant and protective action.

LYCOPENE is the most important among the carotenoids present in the tomato. It has been largely studied and used in pharmacology before the world of cosmetics discovered it. Thanks to its properties, it manages to stop the damaged caused by free radicals to the skin.

HYALURONIC ACID: a molecule able to absorb and maintain the water determining a very important mousturizing effect. Interacting with water, the molecule becomes bigger giving a swelling effect to the skin.

UVA and UVB FILTERS: they guarantee protection from ultraviolet radiation which harms the cellular DNA. UVA filters helps the natural mechanism of defense of the skin against the process of formation of free radicals caused by the light.

PARFUME: fresh parfume of agrumes and flowers, definitely evoke the parfume of this region and its pleasant agrumes plantation.



Sensorial evaluation made on 20 female vlonteers aged between 20 and 50.

Sensorial test showed that the emulsion has a very good spreadability and leaves the skin smooth and silky. It does not leave any fat residual on the visage.